5 Reasons Men Should Use Organic Oils

By Malcolm Carney
It can be difficult getting men to up their personal care game. Some men just don’t want to be bothered with anything other than the basics. Shaving, showering, brushing teeth, and putting on deodorant is the extent of many men’s “self-care”. 
When buying an essential oil for the men in your life, it’s important to put yourself in his shoes. If you hand him a bottle of oil his first thought might be “what do I need this for?” or “who has time to use this?”, but if the oil has a clear and useful purpose he’ll be far more likely to use it.


 5 Reasons Men Should Use Organic Oils


Men Organic Oils


1) Beard & Hair

There are multiple essential oils that can keep a man’s hair healthy and well-groomed. Lavender oilrosemary oilpeppermint oiltea tree oil, and ylang ylang oil are 5 of Behale’s favorite hair strengthening oils.

  • Lavender oil has been proven to improve blood circulation and can promote hair growth. 
  • Rosemary can be used for dandruff relief. 
  • Peppermint oil and tea tree oil are good for hair follicles. 
  • Ylang ylang oil is a great scalp and hair moisturizer.

Choose one or more of these oils, then mix 5-6 drops of each with a carrier oil such as jojoba oil or coconut oil. This blend can be massaged into the scalp. This mixture can also be combed through facial hair to add sheen and promote healthy growth.

Behale Organic Oil Hair


2) Shaving

Macadamia oil makes a great aftershave moisturizer. This oil is rich in oleic acid, which will leave his skin feeling soft and smooth. Macadamia oil is also an effective remedy for scar tissue and eczema, so it can help get rid of razor bump scars.

Here are three more oils that are great to use after shaving. 

  • Tamanu oil can be applied liberally to any shaving nicks and cuts. 
  • Baobab oil is an emollient, so it lubricates the surface of the skin and provides a soft and smooth appearance and feel.
  • Jojoba oil is an occlusive. This oil forms a thin barrier on the skin which prevents water loss and maintains moisture.

Behale Organic Oil Shaving


3) Smelly shoes & feet

Does your man have seriously smelly shoes? That bad smell is caused by bacteria. When feet sweat bacteria on the skin produce isovaleric acid. That process also produces odor.

Organic oils with antibacterial properties can help get rid of that odor. Lemon oilorange oiltea tree oil, and eucalyptus oil are all known as antibacterials. Add a few drops of oil to baking soda and sprinkle the mixture into his shoes. Let the shoes rest overnight and repeat if necessary.

If his foot odor comes from Athlete’s Foot try using rose geranium oil. Rose geranium oil has antifungal properties. Diluted rose geranium oil can be applied directly to the skin. 

Behale Organic Oils Shoes


4) Fresh breath

Any organic oil with antibacterial properties can be used to make a natural mouthwash. Mix peppermint oil with any antibacterial carrier oil, such as coconut oil. Peppermint oil is high in menthol which gives that fresh, minty feeling, while the coconut oil does the heavy lifting by killing bad-breath-causing bacteria.

Try this recipe for a DIY natural mouthwash

  • 1 cup distilled water
  • 1 tbsp alcohol-free witch hazel
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1 tsp coconut oil
  • 10 drops peppermint oil

Store this mixture in an airtight jar. Rinse for 10-15 seconds after brushing teeth. Do not swallow.

5) Post-Workout Massage

Do you know any men who complain about sore muscles after a workout? Black pepper oil is an effective massage oil because it causes a warming sensation and has a soothing effect. Black pepper has also been shown to relieve neck pain when used as a neck rub.

Jojoba oil and manketti oil are both moisturizing carrier oils that absorb well into the skin, so they are great carrier oils to blend with black pepper oil. Black pepper oil can also be mixed with his favorite lotion. Dilute your black pepper oil at 1% for skin application, then rub it onto any sore areas.

Behale Massage Oil Workout

Which of these organic oil tips will you share with the men in your life? Share your organic oil stories in the comment section.

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