About Us

BeHale Inc is a family-owned business. Our family was born and raised on the beautiful continent of Africa.

Jessica Lutge is the founder and vice-president of BeHale. She was born to parents who pioneered the essential oils industry in Africa. Due to her upbringing in the essential oils industry, Jessica has grown and developed the natural and organic essential oil department with the goal of developing more essential oil farming products.

For the last 15 years, Jessica and her husband, Ian Lutge, have been involved in developing new farming platforms and growing existing platforms. They are proud of the relationships they have built with farmers. The Lutges values the time, the energy, and the commitment of the farms dedicated to growing natural and organic essential oils.

Jessica and Ian are determined to make organic essential oils products available to every household in the US at affordable prices.

They have started BeHale Inc. in the US to deliver quality products to families across the country. Jessica and Ian know that Americans love to be strong and healthy.

The Lutges are passionate about purity, sustainability, and affordability.

Jessica is a Certified Aromatherapist, Cosmetic Scientist, and Natural Skincare Formulator. She has worked with essential oils and natural products for 15 years. She now is privileged and excited to share her knowledge with you all!

Let's BeHale together!

Jessica Lutge, BeHale founder and vice-president.


Jessica and Ian's children, Caleb and Daniella and their bunny Bella-Bella Buttercup Olaf.





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