Back to School Made Easy with Organic Oils

By Malcolm Carney

Can you believe Summer is almost over? If you're a parent you've probably seen the back to school commercials and store displays and thought to yourself "already?"

Whether you’re feeling excited, anxious, or somewhere in between about getting your kids back to school, those first few weeks of school can be a lot for parents and children to readjust to. Luckily, organic essential and carrier oils have properties that are perfect for getting your family back to business.


Behale Organics Essential Oils Back to School



Lemon oil is a great way to boost concentration. Diffuse Behale organic lemon oil at homework time to help you and your kids focus better. Common core math just got a little more tolerable.

Behale Organic Oils Back to School


Fighting Germs

Back to school means back to germs. Use tea tree oil to relieve sore throats. Put one or two drops of Behale organic tea tree oil into a cup of warm water, then gargle for 20 seconds. Do not swallow.

Orange oil is a powerful antibacterial all-purpose cleaner. Add 10 drops of Behale organic orange oil to a cup of warm water. Use this blend on countertops and door handles to kill any germs your kids might bring home from school. Behale organic orange oil can also be diffused to help kill airborne germs.

Essential Oil Back to School Bus


Scrapes and Bruises

Is there any injury like a recess injury? If your kids come home with scraped knees or cuts apply a blend of Behale organic tamanu oil and tea tree oil to the injury to help it heal faster. Behale organic rosemary oil and tea tree oil can be added to a bath to disinfect scratches and cuts all at once. This blend is perfect after a messy day at school.

Essential Oils First Aid


Bed Time Made Easy

It's not easy getting kids back to a normal sleep schedule. Add 10 drops of Behale organic lavender oil to a cup of distilled water. Put this blend into a spray bottle. Shake well and spray onto pillows. This relaxing blend will help your kids fall asleep and keep them restful during the night. 

Lavender oil also has calming effects which makes it a great gift for teachers. Teacher Appreciation Week starts May 6th, but it's never too early to show the teachers in your life that you care.

Behale Lavender Oil Sleep


Creepy Crawlies

No parents want their child to get lice, but it’s best to be prepared just in case you get that phone call from the school nurse. Behale organic tea tree oil can be added to shampoo to help kill lice.  


Share with the class

Getting back into the school routine isn’t always easy, but organic oils can give you the boost you need to skillfully get your kids back to school.

How do you make back to school time easy? Share your favorite back to school life hacks in the comment section.


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