Investing in Farmers

By Ian Lutge

Investing in our Farmers

The oil farms are the life vein of our business. We are not traders; we are the glue which joins the farms to the market.

Our role is to play an analytical, educational and marketing role for the essential oil growers in Africa.



To show our sincerity, BEHALE has pledged to distribute an unprecedented 6% of annual turnover back into the African Essential oil industry.

We are committed to uplift and support the essential and cold pressed oil industry.

Our efforts are directed at equipping, educating and financially supporting farmers. We partner with African farmers provide relief to them with a variety of assistance.

We are able to provide simple necessities such as drums and containers and labels. We try to lower costs for the farmer by collecting the oils directly at their farms, or paying for transport to our facility.

A vital component to our success is to ensure the correct quality plant species from the commencement of a farming project; we do in-depth studies on plant ‘mother-crops’ to ensure that we provide the best quality of any particular crop.

We work hand in hand with the farmer to help them have a successful crop. When harvesting time approaches, we are able to do a ‘trial’ distillation and a full sample analysis to check the oil quality of the oil which enables us to make small changes to the crop, changes like more watering, more fertilizer or maybe a later season crop (full flower) to attain a better quality of oil before the full harvest.

We have over 15 years of experience in the essential oil farming industry within Africa and many long standing, faithful relationships with our valuable farmers. We believe in building long term relationships with a farmer to develop sustainability and trust.

We have long term goals to create a well-trusted, sustainable and reliable essential oil company who gives back to the farmers.

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