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INCI / LATIN / TYPE: Simmondsia chinensis seed oil

SHELF LIFE: 3 – 5 years

EXTRACTION: Cold pressed

PART OF PLANT: Pressed from the seed of the Jojoba plant 


INFORMATION AND USES: Jojoba oil is an oil-soluble lipid. This oil has high concentrations of Eicosenoic acid (C20:1), this is a monounsaturated, Omega 9 fatty acid. This acid is similar to our natural skin sebum which means the Jojoba oil will absorb well into the skin. Jojoba oil is perfect for oily skin because it is a liquid wax and will not leave the skin feeling very oily.  Jojoba is a good skin moisturizer, leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth. This oil is good for all skin types because it is a light oil. Jojoba oil acts as an occlusive, forming a thin barrier on the skin, preventing trans-epidermal water loss, and helping to retain moisture. Jojoba oil is a very stable oil and will not go rancid easily.

ODOR: Jojoba oil has a very slight nutty odor

STORAGE: Remember to store your Jojoba oil in a dark container to limit light exposure. Store the Jojoba oil at room temperature and always replace the lid to limit contact with air.

SAFETY DATA: Nontoxic, nonsensitizing, nonirritant. Do not ingest. 

VOLUME: 30ml (approx. 1 fl. oz)


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