Tamanu oil, also known as Calophyllum inophyllum oil, is a carrier oil. This oil is cold pressed from the nuts of Tamanu nuts.

Behale sources its Tamanu oil from trees grown in Madagascar.

The high levels of oleic acid in Tamanu oil make this oil effective in wound healing. Tamanu oil promotes the formation of new tissue and can assist with wound healing and the growth of healthy skin. It is safe to liberally apply this oil to cuts, scrapes, burns, insect bites, stings, and abrasions.

Use Behale Organic Tamanu oil for daily skin care. This oil is effective against acne scars, sunburn, and dry skin.

As a carrier oil, Tamanu oil does not require dilution. Use Behale Organic Tamanu Oil to dilute essential oils for topical use. Tamanu oil has a slightly nutty odor that can overpower blends, so use this oil sparingly when mixing with other oils.

Tamanu is very good for the skin so it blends excellently with exquisite facial oils like Frankincense oil, Lavender oil, Myrrh oil, and Rose oil.

Behale Organic Tamanu Oil

Behale Organic Tamanu Oil 30ml $5.45


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